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What is the deal with PROJECTS!

Projects are the thing that can save a family gathering, if the kids are not happy the feeling travels throughout the gathering. Projects / Kits are kissing cousins in my world. SO MANY people come into the shop and say to me, "do you have something, we can do as a group?" That group comes in many forms and can have many definitions... from a kids gathering after school, a birthday party, gramma and grandchildren gathering to spend time together, a group of girl friends meeting to work on a project and spend chatter time together, a ladies organization wanting to have a project for their monthly meeting, a bridal party with the bridesmaids and just recently some quilters who enjoy the textile element with some bead enhancement. I'm grateful and amazed by each inquiry. So, I'm bringing some of the shop projects to online and to be quite honest I bring some of the kit projects created for online to the shop. The Holidays are upon us and some of us like to make handmade gifts for others, some of you may want to meet in your homes for a glass of holiday together and want to do a simple kit. Maybe you just want something simple for the kids to do together as a family or as a icebreaker for the cousins who don't get to see each other very often. PROJECTS and KITS become a go to and it is my goal to create some fun projects for Adults and Kids for this Holiday and for the days to follow! Take a look! ALSO for YOUR FYI...Buy 6 of any style of Kit, (Projects right now can not be included) you will get the 50% wholesale price. Yes you can all chose your colors, but it has to be 1 credit card  and 1 shipping address. The Girlfriends Kit was created for groups last holiday and it still remains a popular girl's gathering kit.

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