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2020 Shop Hours / Classes / Shows


SHOP HOURS: Closed - Sunday thru Tuesday:

Open: Wed - Fri (10am - 5:30pm) sidenote: I run errands before getting to the shop so often times I'm not in until 10:15.  Get yourself a beverage and hopefully you won't have to wait long just in case it is one of those days!

Thursday we are open til 8pm

Saturday: (10am - 4pm)


Just call the shop to reserve a chair! 507-645-0301


Shop Covid Update related to our "Casual Learning and Table Time".
Glass Garden Beads will be open as published. 
We are getting more active. My table is now open for beaders who want to sit in the shop and do a project. The number I am safely allowing at the table is 4 persons. The placing will be spaced, everyone will need masks in the shop and there will be sanitizing. We remind often and we are grateful to be reminded by others. I do ask that if you want to reserve a chair that you call ahead. Thank you for that! 507-645-0301 Suz
No large groups can be booked yet.
FYI: I do not charge for time at the table nor the casual teaching I do. Come in and learn the craft! As I say, "Come bead with me!".

 Interesting Groups for Beaders:

Upper Midwest Bead Society Calendar:  The group is a great social group and now with covid have still remained active with its members by presenting interesting virtual meeting opportunities. Fun topics. Feel free to check them out. I really started to get involved with their meetings so I'm looking forward to return to that close and in-person time. They are a great group with always interesting topics.

If you are in the Rochester Area, here is another group I'd like to check out. The Beader's Society of Southeast MN.

LOOSE BEAD SOCIETY OF GREATER MILWAUKEE: Beaders are happy interesting people. Why? They love what they do and they come from all vocations with a artist flair! So true for this group!

I have customers all over the United States so if you have a bead group you want to let others know about I'll post them here! Just email me a quick "why visit or join" to :


Spring 2021 BEAD SHOWS:

April 17th & 18th 2021: Omaha Bead Affair