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Blown Tube Beads - Blown by Glass Artist Rick Swearer

Blown Tube Beads - Blown by Glass Artist Rick Swearer

$ 3.00

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS...did I mention how gorgeous they are? Well, these precious beauties are all from blown tubes of glass by known local artisan, Rick Swearer from Northfield, MN. Rick made these custom pieces after a chat together and I am lucky to be carrying them. Rick blows glass tubes and cuts them into their slices and then they go into a lengthy tumble. Edges are smooth, and the bead hole is larger for multiple stranding projects or for focal beads on your Kumihimo projects. I know you'll enjoy these and appreciate the artistry. It is appropriate I start with a Red, White and Blue Collection.


The hole sizes range in the area of 5-8mm most are 7mm.

Widths range from 15 - 22mm

Height range from 4mm - 15mm


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